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The Ellen Schuler Team


Meet Ellen

Welcome to Ellen's powerhouse team, where experience reigns supreme and excellence is the standard from start to finish. When you join forces with Team Schuler, you're not just beginning your journey—you're starting at the pinnacle. Ellen Schuler personally consults with each and every client, ensuring that your needs are heard and your goals are understood.

For over 34 years, Ellen has been the trusted ally of homebuyers, seamlessly navigating the complexities of the mortgage process with finesse and expertise. With a commitment to personalized guidance, transparent communication, and unwavering accessibility, Ellen empowers her clients to embark on their home-buying journey with absolute clarity, unwavering confidence, and genuine care.

"Buying a home is a transformative milestone, and our mission is to make it as seamless and joyful as possible," shares Ellen. With a focus on education and empowerment, Ellen and her team equip clients with the knowledge and insights they need to make informed decisions and savor the excitement of homeownership.

Since embarking on her career journey in 1990, Ellen has garnered numerous accolades, including esteemed membership in Cornerstone Home Lending's prestigious President's Club. Yet, for Ellen, the true measure of success transcends mere awards—it lies in the profound impact she has on her clients' lives and her enduring commitment to fostering sustainable homeownership within her community.


Join Ellen's team today and experience the unparalleled dedication, passion, and expertise that set her apart in the industry.

Ellen's Information

Mortgage Branch Sales Manager

San Antonio, TX Mortgage Lender

NMLS #409880

7010 W Loop 1604 N, Ste 107
San Antonio, TX 782254
Contact Info:
Mobile (210) 860-0031


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