Booking and Cancelations

How early do I have to book for a shoot or an event?

We are very flexible and if our schedule is open we'll work with you, however, as we get busier during peek season, we would highly recommend that you at least book 2 weeks in advance in the case of smaller or basic shoots/events In the case of big events such as weddings, etc. or shoots that require more than a day, it is prefered that you book us as early as possible to gurantee the availabilty and reserve that day

Will I get my deposit back if I cancel?

Generally, we have a full deposit refund policy as long as you let us know 72 hours before the shoot in the case of small shoots and one week before big shoots such as events and special occasions. Please note that the contract will determine the final say on refunds but in most cases the above rule applies

What if I don't like any of the photos, can I get my money back?

We totally believe in our client's right to not pay for something they don't like. After the shoot we will show you some or all of the photos and if you don't like any, you have the option of asking us to continue shooting or to stop. If you choose to stop, we will not charge you for anything further, however, the deposit will not be refunded as we've already showed up and put in the time and work. Taste can be subjective, and we understand that everyone has their own style, expectations and likes, but we also believe that we should at least be compensated for showing up and putting in the time.

Do you do refunds after the shoot or getting the photos?

No, we only have a refund policy for the 25% booking fees if the shoot is canceled within the allocated time (72 hours for small shoots and one week for bigger shoots) Once the allocated refund time is passed, we do not provide any refunds. Please refer to your contract since it's the final agreement and superceeds anything else.

Do I have to book you in advance or do you provide walk-ins?

Yes, we don't currently have a perminant studio, so unfortunately we don't offer walk-ins. We highly recommend that you book as as early as possible and at least 72 hours in advance. Chances are we will not be available for a shoot within 72 hours, but it wont hurt to ask! Contact us at and/or use the booking/contact us tab to get in touch.

Do you charge for booking?

Yes, we ask that you pay 25% from the total upon booking confirmation to ensure your date.

Will I get my deposit back if you cancel?

Yes! If we cancel you'll get all your money back and/or the option to reschedule without any rescheduling fees.

What will you do if you can't show up to the shoot?

We take our work very seriously! We stick to our booking plan as much as we can, as it pretains to our business reputation. In case of emergencies and or natural disasters/things out of our control, we will try and notify you as early as possible, get you a suitable replacement and/or we will give you the option to resechdule or get all your money back.

Post shoot and Photos

Do you deliver every image that you shoot?

We do deliver all images we shoot in at least low-resolution/water marked version for you to be able to choose the ones you would like us to work on and you are more than welcome to keep/save these copies For high-resolution/non-water marked copies, it depends on the package you choose, we do this in order to provide greater options to our clients and to be able to provide them affordable packages based on their needs We believe that our clients should only pay for the photos they like and want

When can we expect our photos?

We do our best not to keep you waiting. You will receive access to all the photos taken in low-res/watermarked format 24 hours after the shoot. This will allow you to go over all the photos and choose the ones you like. Once you choose the final photos, it usually takes one to two weeks to finalize those photos. For printed and/or other products, we will inform you once the order has been placed as it's done through a third party.

How many photos will I receive?

All our clients receive at minimum, all the unedited photos we shot in low resolutions and watermarked digital format. Depending on the package you chose, the number of Final edited photos will differ, as well as the type and quality of all the images. We have packages starting from three photos for more information, please review packages under the services tab.

Do we get the copyrights of the images?

Generally outside of personal use, no. It really depends on the type of shoot and what it's used for. To get rights to use the photos for commercial purposes, will make the shoot be considered a commercial/business one and those are priced higher because the rights to use for commercial purposes are included. We always retain ownership of all photos, regardless of copyrights, and if you require the copyrights for use, just let us know and we'll price the photos accordingly.

What's the formate and quality of the photos we'll get?

We provide the final photos in digital format (unless prints are requested/purchased) The digital files you'll get will all be in Jpeg format and will be in three batches: 1- Low resolution-watermarked original/non edited photos (all photos so you can choose from) 2- Final purchased photos in both print and web friendly qualities 3- All un edited photos taken in both print and web friendly quality (If part of the package)

How long do you keep the photos for?

We keep the photos in our archive for at least 6 months, after the 6 months have passed we reserve the right to delete those photos if not purchased. Photos purchased are kept in our archive for up to a year, after the 1 year has passed, we reserve the right to delete any photos.

What if you have equipment failure or computer melfunction?

We do our best to choose top quality equipment and gear, however, we do know that bad things happen to good people all the time. So, If an error and or equipment/computer mel-function occures which prohibts us from delivering, we will refund any amount paid and/or give you the option of re-scheduling/re-shooting if you choose to give us another chance.


What kind of services do you provide?

We are open to all types of photography! for more details, please check our services tab. We also have sister companies that provide marketing, websites, and videography, for more information, please contact us on or use the contact us tab.

Do you provide makeup, styling or hair?

Yes, we do! we provide makeup, styling and hair styling for extra charge and we also have partners for the more professional requests. For more information please contact us at or use the contact us tab.

Do you do face to face consultations before the shoot?

Yes we do. If the package you choose included a face to face meeting then it's included. If you prefer to have a face to face meeting but the package doesn't include one, we can discuss options and or a small convenience fee for it. We also do zoom meetings and phone calls

Why do you have so many packages and options, why not just do an all inclusive pricing?

We know that everyone is different and has different resources and abilities! Based on that, we do our best to cater for eveyrone's needs and/or their budget, to do so, we breakdown eveyrhting into smaller packages and or options in order to give you more opportunity to tailor the packages to your needs. If we do an all inclusive price, it may become too expensive for many especially if they don't need all the bells and whistles. If you prefer an all inclusive package or a custom package, please contact us at and/or use the contact us tab.

Are you LGBTQ and/or faith based friendly?

Most definately, we are open to working with anyone regardless of faith, sexual identity/orientation and or race. We beleive in personal freeom and we support you no matter what!

Do you have a studio?

No, currently we don't have a perminant studio. If a studio is needed, we either use our home, your home, or rent a studio. We have all the equipment/gear needed to set up a studio anywhere.

Do you do outdoor shoots?

Yes we do, however, if a location requires a permit or permission, we ask that you get that in advance.

Do you have experience in different lighting situations?

Yes, we do. We have gear that help us shoot in any condition, ourdoor or indoor. For outdoors, we generally recommend shooting during blue and or golden hours (early in the morning or during dawn) these are the times where the light is most deffused and shadows are not so sharp.

Do you post all your work to your social media?

Most of the time we do, but only if we have the consent of the people in the photos. If you don't want/prefer that we post your photos, just let us know and we will not. We always ask in any case, so even if you forget, we'll remind you.


Do you offer a pre-shoot call or meeting?

Yes we do. Having a pre-shoot call/meeting is essential to the success of the shoot. It's vital for us to know a little about you, what you need, what to expect and to go over the process and give you some tips for the shoot. We do calls/zoom meetings and or face to face meetings depending on what the package is, size/type of shoot and/or if it's requested by our clients. Our goal is to make this experience a memrobale and easy one for you!

Can we provide you with a shot list?

Most definately yes, shot lists are very helfpul! Showing us what you have with in mind with samples will help us acheive your vision and is highly recommended, however, we always recommend to our clients that they leave some room for imporovisation and spontaniousty so things are not too posed or ingeniune, most beatiful photos are usually not planned. If you have a list/samples, please provide it as early as possible, this will help us determine the needed gear, props, poses, etc. Please be advised, that we can't gurantee 100% same result, a lot of things come into effect when taking a photograph, such as subjects, location, timing, etc. howerver, we will do our utmost best to recreate and/or be inspired by your samples/shot list.

How should I prepare for the shoot?

It depends on the type of shoot. We will let you know what is expected/advised during the preshoot consultation. In general, here are some tips that applies to anyone: - Drink a lot of water the day of and the day before. - Get enough rest/sleep. - Prepare your makeup/clothes/props and/or anything else you'll be using in advance. - If skin will be showing then don't wear any tight/form fitting clothes at least 6 hours before the shoot to avoid any marks, etc. - Groom Groom Groom! if you don't want it to show in the photo... then get rid of it and if you want to look good, prep right. Get a haircut, a tan, shave, trim, manipadi, whatever you want and whatever it takes to make you feel good. If you feel good, you'll look good. (For women, EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN - The week before your shoot you want to be focusing on hydrating your skin. Opt for highly moisturising and hydrating facials during this time. Make sure you are exfoliating your skin 2-3 times a week before your photo shoot.)

When should we expect you to arrive?

We will let you know when we'll arrive and we'll be there on time. If for whatever reason we were running late, we will communicate with you. Depending on the shoot, we usually arrive 15-30 mins before we're expected to start shooting to set up, prep and be ready.

During the shoot

What happens if we go over the allocated time in the contract?

It really depends, we are flexible and our goal is to get the job done. If we finish earlier or after the alloted time it's not a big deal as long as it's within reason. If we feel the job was done and we have enough good quality images for you to choose from, and you would like us to continue shooting anyway, we will charge extra for each hour based on our hourly rate.

What happens if one or more persons are not ready, a no show or not compliant?

We understand that life happens and sometimes things get in the way like kids not being in the mood or babies being too hungry or accidents, etc! If we show up on time, we expect the same from you. We will do our best to work with what we have and what is provided, we will give you our time and full effort and patience. If you choose/prefer to reschedule, we'll be flexible as long as it's communicated 72 hours before the shoot, if the rescheduling is requested at or during the shoot, we will ask that you re-pay the booking fees (25% of the total).

What if I need help with posing or I feel uncomfortable?

We get it, being in front of the camera is stressful, this is not our first rodeo. We will help instruct you on posing and we'll help you in anyway possible to relax, we can play music in the background, take breaks, and or do stress relieving excersizes together. Kristina is a professional model with many years experience and she'll help get you in the zone. Most important thing is that you communicate and let us know how you feel.

I don't like to be touched, will I be touched in anyway?

We will not touch you unless we ask first, you are comfortable with it and it is neceserry to adjust your clothes/hair, etc. With the current situation, we try and avoid any personal contact unless it is very necessary, so we'll opt for asking you to adjust it first and if that doesn't work we'll ask if we can do it for you.

What happens if you're experiencing technical difficulties?

We do our best to choose the top available gear in the market, however, life happens regardless. If the difficulties are caused due to technical issues related to or caused by us, we will do our best to resolve it in a timely manner. If the difficulties presist and we are unable to continue, we will give you the option to reschedule at not additional cost or to be fully refunded.

Skills, abilities and gear

Payment and Pricing

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods: - Cash - Zelle - Direct Deposit - Credit and Debit cards (A card fee of 2.8% will be added the tota) - Paypal

When do you accept the payment?

To confirm your booking, we ask for 25% from the total to be paid in advance. The remaining amount should be paid on the day of the shoot. For big projects, we usually do 25% for booking 50% on the day of the shoot and 25% upon delivery of photos.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do, we usually run seasonal promotions and we also give discounts for extra photos purchased outside of packages. For more information on our packages/promotions, please contact us at and or check the services tab. Don't forget to subscribe to our newletter and/or follow us on social media to get notified when we're running a new promo.

Can I use a discount along with a promotion?

Yes, unless a promotion states otherwise.

What if I don't pay on-time?

For booking, we don't confirm booking unless the 25% booking fees are paid, so it's not a big deal as long as you are willing to risk losing the date. For the remaining amount, we usually give a 3 day grace period for payment. After the three day grace we add a late payment fee. The late payment fees are $25 + 2% from the total for each extra day of delay. Please be advised that the contract which you sign will be the final binding document and will surperceed anything else.


Do you do destination shoots and events?

We certianly do, however, early booking is highly advised. Travel expenses and perdiam should also be provided.

When do you start charging extra for travel?

Any shoots within a 100 mile radius from San Antonio zip code 78238 doesn't require extra travel fees. Outside of a 100 mile radius we'll charge for travel

How much do you charge for travel?

Depends on where we're expected to go, anything within a 100 mile radius from 78238 doesn't require travel fees. Outside of that radius, it'll depend on the type of shoot and duration. If a shoot ends after 8 pm, accomodation will be required. If flights or transportation other than dirving will be needed, it'll have to be provided. Depending on how far the shoot is, we'll charge $20 per 50 miles outside of the above mentioned zip code radius. For more information and packages, please call

Will you travel out of state?

Yes, please contact us at or use the contact us tab for more information on travel

Will you travel out of the country?

Yes, please contact us at or use the contact us tab for more information on travel


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